Can I purchase an island in Nicaragua?

Most uninhabited lake or ocean islands in Nicaragua can be freely purchased by natural or legal persons, either national or foreign.

Small islands in the Archipelago of Granada in Lake Nicaragua (isletas de Granada) are available for purchase, and constitute very desirable properties for private and commercial use.

Private islands are also available in the Caribbean Sea, and a handful in the Pacific Ocean.

There are limitations in the ownership of islands with a permanent population, as the regulations of Law No. 690, for the Development of Coastal Zones apply. Law 690 defines public and restricted coastal areas.

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Public coastal areas are not available for private use, and are those between low tide and high tide, plus fifty meters from the average maximum tide mark to the mainland. Restricted coastal areas are those located on the mainland within 200 meters from the point where the coastal public use area ends. In most cases land on restricted coastal areas is not available for purchase, but it can be leased from Municipal Governments on the pacific coast, and Regional Independent Councils on the Caribbean Coast. Please see Can I purchase beach-front property in Nicaragua.

When purchasing an island, as with any other property, a proper due diligence must be carried out, which should include checking if the property is recorded at the Real Estate Registry, that it is free from incumbrances such as mortgages or liens, that taxes have been paid, etc. Please take a look at our article Purchasing of Real Estate in Nicaragua.

Photo credit: An undeveloped private island in the Archipelago of Granada, Nicaragua by Aaron Escobar, Wikipedia Commons.

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