A leading provider of Intellectual Property and Legal services in Central America

Our legal tradition goes back to more than half a century.

Founded in 1950 by Julián Bendaña Silva, Bendaña & Bendaña has been a leading firm for over 65 years and one of the most recognized names in patent, trademark and health registrations, in great part due to the firm’s focus on quality service and competitive pricing.

Our team is devoted to providing an effective and quality service to our clients, by protecting and defending their interests with fidelity and professional ethics.   Our clients range from large international corporations from very diverse industries to small and medium size domestic businesses.

Our services

Intellectual Property

Trademarks, Patents, copyrights, Trade Secrets, Internet Law.

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Regulatory Affairs

Pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, chemical and veterinary products.

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Real Estate Law

Sales Contracts, Mortgages, Search and Examination of property records.

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Business Law

Mercantile Law, Tax Strategies, and Foreign Investment planning and advise.

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Accounting Services

Tax Returns, Bookkeeping, Auditing and Outsourcing Services.

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Intellectual Property

Our IP Department is comprised of knowledgeable attorneys in all aspects of Intellectual Property Law, including registration and renewal of IP rights, litigation and enforcement.


A mark is construed as any sign capable of distinguishing goods or services. They may be constituted of the following: words, drawings, a combination of thereof, labels, combinations of colors, sounds, trade dress (including the trade dress of a business), and other perceptible signs


A patent is a technical solution to an existing problem, which gives its owner the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, and importing an invention for a limited period of time of twenty years. The patent rights are granted in exchange for a detailed public disclosure of the invention.

In the last few years, our Intellectual Property Department has expanded to offer Intellectual Property services in Central America and Panama.

Our services are offered in the following countries:

El Salvador
Costa Rica

In addition, we also offer Intellectual Property services in Bolivia, Venezuela


Regulatory Affairs

  • Marketing authorization of pharmaceutical, veterinary and chemical products
  • General regulatory issues
  • Product registrations
  • Compulsory/voluntary licensing
  • Pricing regulations
  • Distribution agreements

Bendaña & Bendaña's clients include a number of multinational and local pharmaceutical companies.

Our team includes lawyers and qualified pharmaceutical and veterinary doctors.


Real Estate Law

  • Search and Examination of Property Records
  • Appraisals, Surveys and Inspections
  • Drafting of Mortgages, Deeds, Purchase/Sale Contracts and Promissory Contracts
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Investing in Nicaragua can be a highly lucrative endeavor if the buyer takes the necessary steps to buy a property free of clouds on the title. Because of the widespread confiscations that took place in Nicaragua during the 80’s, some properties may have dubious chains of title. Although title insurance is not available in Nicaragua, it is still possible to purchase real estate securely and with complete confidence. The best way to guarantee that the property purchased has a trouble free title is to work with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

Bendaña & Bendaña provides comprehensive legal advice and services to both foreigners and locals in the purchase of real estate in Nicaragua. If buying property in Nicaragua, and you have any doubts as to the validity of the title to property, the size of the lot, problems with the survey or appraisal, please feel free to contact us.

Title insurance indemnifies the lender and buyer against any loss that may result from defects in the title to the property or claims against the property, if any of these were not uncovered in the title search and examination. The title policy is issued after the title to the property has been searched and examined.


Business & Commercial Law

Bendaña & Bendaña’s Commercial and Corporate Law Department offers the following services:


  • Business contracts
  • Contract writing and analysis, including international sales contracts, joint-ventures, franchising, turn-key contracts, and technology transfer
  • Breach of contracts
  • Advice on all matters of domestic and international trade


  • Establishment of corporations in accordance with Nicaraguan Law
  • Establishment of branches of foreign companies in Nicaragua
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Tax and Financial

  • Advice of Foreign Investment
  • Tax Law
  • Tax planning


Accounting Services

Our firm also offers professional accounting services as a supplemental service to our corporate legal services. This provides our corporate clients with the convenience of having their legal and accounting needs met under one roof. Our accounting services include:

  • Monthly tax returns before the DGI (the Nicaraguan tax authority).
  • Annual tax returns
  • General bookkeeping
  • Auditing services
  • Outsourcing services
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Julián Bendaña-Silva ✝

J.D.,* Universidad Nacional de Nicaragua; Ex-Commissioner of Patents.

Areas of practice:  Intellectual Property Law.

Dr. Ricardo Bendaña

B.S. Engineering, Florida International University; M.S. in Finance, Florida International University; Attorney at Law, Universidad Americana, Managua; Graduate Studies in Banking Law, Universidad Centroamericana, Managua; Master in Intellectual Property Law, University of Alicante, Spain.

Areas of practice:  Intellectual Property Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Litigation.

Dr. María-José Bendaña

B.B.A., Universidad Centroamericana; Attorney at Law, Universidad de Nicaragua; Post-baccalaureate in the Legal Aspects of International Business, Georgetown University / INCAE.

Areas of practice:  Intellectual Property Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Regulatory Affairs, Litigation.

Dr. Julián Bendaña-Guerrero

Ph.D. Engineering, Texas A & M University.

Areas of practice:  Patent Law.

Karla Patricia Santamaria

Attorney at Law, Universidad Centroamericana.

Areas of practice:  Intellectual Property Law.

Rosa Aguilar

Attorney at Law, Universidad de Nicaragua.

Areas of practice:  Intellectual Property Law.

María José Jirón Bendaña

Attorney at Law, Universidad Americana.

Areas of practice:  Real Estate Law, Intellectual Property Law.

Margie Isabel González

Attorney at Law, Universidad Americana.

Areas of practice:  Intellectual Property Law.

Eduardo Rodríguez

Attorney at Law, Universidad de Nicaragua.

Areas of practice:  Corporate and Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law.

Isaac Vado

Attorney at Law, Universidad Politécnica.

Areas of practice:  Real Estate Law, Commercial Law.

Mariana Salazar

Attorney at Law, Universidad de Managua.

Areas of practice:  Intellectual Property Law.

Gabriela Zelaya

Pharmaceutical Chemist, Universidad Jean Jacques Rousseau.

Areas of practice:  Regulatory Affairs.

Helen Cruz

Accountant, CP, Universidad de las Américas

Areas of practice:  Accounting and Patent Law.

Nilson Centeno

Accountant, CP, Universidad Evangélica

Areas of practice:  Accounting and Taxation.

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