Traveling to and staying in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is very welcoming to foreigners. Most travelers do not require a visa to enter the country; however, staying longer than the generally permitted stay of approximately 90 days requires an extension of stay of up to 90 additional days.

There are additional requirements for foreigners who decide to reside in Nicaragua.

Bendaña & Bendaña can help you with your immigration process, whether extending your stay or becoming a resident or citizen.

We can also help you apostille documents required for your immigration process, such as birth certificates, health records and criminal records. All documents should be filed before the Immigration Office in original, with an official translation into Spanish.

Immigration processes we can help you with, are the following:

• Requesting extension of stay
• Nicaraguan residency
• Exit requirements for children
• Exit visa for foreigners
• Report of lost residence ID
• Irregular stay in Nicaragua (exceeding the allowed stay for foreigners without permission)

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